The Apollo Theatre is built as a three galleried auditorium on four levels. The balcony on the third tier is considered to be the steepest in London, and the theatre has an overall seating capacity of 775. The four levels are split into the Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle and Balcony, in a design similar to most London theatres.

Levels and Ticket Prices

The Stalls are the seats nearest to the stage, and normally afford the best views of any production on show. Consequently, seats in the Stalls are generally more popular and more expensive than anywhere else in the auditorium and are especially so in the front half, but if you want to guarantee that you will be able to experience everything these are your best bet.

The Dress Circle is the next tier up and is located above the Stalls, and still provides some excellent views of the stage. As a result the majority of seats will be the same price as those in the Stalls, although there may be some cheaper options towards the back of the section.

The next level up is the Upper Circle, which is considerably further away from the action than the two lower levels. This is reflected through a sharp decline in price, but the lower the price the more likely it is that you will be placed further back in this section and risk having your view of the stage hindered.

The final tier of the theatre, and the furthest away from the stage, is the Balcony. Seats here are not advised if you really want to experience all the show has to offer and although seats with a restricted view are usually pointed out before booking, the views and acoustics from the top are markedly different from tickets nearer the stage! However, if you are looking for a bargain ticket, in particular for popular Saturday performances, the cheapest ones are guaranteed to be found in the Balcony.



Apollo Theatre London Seating

Share Your Seating Tips

When you visited the Apollo Theatre where did you sit? Was it an expensive seat with a great view or a bargain seat with a restricted view that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy? Or maybe you got lucky with a cheap seat and a brilliant view! Please add your comments below and share your Apollo Theatre seating tips.