The Apollo Theatre is built across three levels, the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle. With a seating capacity of 658, the Apollo Theatre is one of the West End’s more intimate theatre, offering a range of great views throughout the auditorium. A Grade II listed building, the exterior of the Apollo Theatre is designed in a Renaissance style, with an exquisite interior to match.

Please note that some of the information below might not apply whilst social distancing is in place throughout the venue.


The Stalls are accessible via a few steps down from street level, and afford the best views in the auditorium. Even seats located toward the rear of the seating offer excellent, unrestricted views of the stage. This section is usually in the premium price band, although discounts can be found towards the rear and at the ends of rows. Top price seats are in the centre-front of the Stalls, where a brilliantly clear and close-up view is on offer. Seating is raked throughout the Stalls to allow good views no matter the row.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is located a few steps up from the theatre foyer, and provides excellent views of the stage. Prices vary throughout this section, although central seats are priced similarly to the Stalls, due to the excellent views and limited restrictions. Rows curve around the stage, with seats at the ends of rows facing side-on to the stage. This barely affects the view, although tickets are heavily discounted. It is often worth purchasing these seats, as the side-view does not cut off much of the stage. If a large-scale musical comes to the theatre, the Dress Circle is the best seating option, as it allows for more panoramic views. Cheaper seats are situated in the back rows of the section, but it may be worth buying similarly priced seats in the front of the Grand Circle for a better view.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is the highest level of the auditorium and can at times feel slightly distant from the stage. This section is typically cheaper in price, although good views are on offer throughout. Sitting in the front rows allows for the best overall views of the stage, with the rear rows seeming distant from the action. Grand Circle seats are good options for those working on a budget, as decent seats are on offer for discounted prices. Be aware that if audience members in the front rows lean forward, your view may become restricted.


Share Your Seating Tips

Where did you sit when you visited the Apollo Theatre? Was it an expensive seat with a great view, or a bargain seat with a restricted view that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy? Or maybe you got lucky with a cheap seat and a brilliant view! Please add your comments below and share your Apollo Theatre seating tips.