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Transferring from London’s St James Theatre, Urinetown arrives at the Apollo Theatre in one of the most anticipated West End transfers in years.

Set in a dystopian universe in which people are charged a fee to pee, Urinetown is a satirical play that comments on the process of privatising human rights.

The musical by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis focuses on the CEO of the Urine Good Company, Cadwell B, who enforce a strict pay to pee policy, and the revolutionaries of Public Amenity#9. In a world where those who fail to pay the going rate and wind up defecating the streets, strict punishments are in place. Such a sin could see those illegally reliving themselves wind up getting arrested and sent off to “Urinetown,” a place from which prisoners never return…

Among the those who believe in their right to pee is Cadwell’s daughter, Hope, an unlikely revolutionary. However when the rebels discover Hope’s true identity, will they be able to accept her, despite being the spawn of the man they hate?!

Cast and Creative

Urinetown stars Matthew Seadon-Young as Bobby Strong, Rosanna Hyland as Hope Cladwell, Simon Paisley day as her father and Jenna Russell as Penelope Pennywise.

Other cast includes Aaron Lee Lambert, Marc Elliot, Katie Bernstein, Cory English, Karis Jack, Jeff Nicholson, Mark Meadows, Jonathan Slinger and Kane Oliver Parry.

Directed by Jamie Lloyd and with designs by Soutra Gilmour, this is a West End transfer not to be missed!

Urinetown opened at the Apollo Theatre in September 2014.

Song List


  • Too Much Exposition
  • Urinetown
  • It’s a Privilege to Pee
  • It’s a Privilege to Pee (Reprise)
  • Mr Cladwell
  • Cop Song
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Look at the Sky
  • Don’t Be the Bunny
  • Act One Finale


  • What is Urinetown?
  • Snuff That Girl
  • Run, Freedom, Run!
  • Follow Your Heart (Reprise)
  • Why did I Listen to that Man?
  • Tell Her I Love Her
  • We’re Not Sorry
  • I’m Not Sorry
  • I See a River



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