Two performers on stage in Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part Four at the Apollo Theatre, London

What parents are saying about Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain, Part Four

The Horrible Histories brand has educated, delighted and disgusted (in the best possible way) children in book, television and live performance form for more than two decades now. Known for its ability to entertain kids and their parents alike, the Horrible Histories live shows have become a staple of the Summer Holiday theatre season.

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain, Part Four is currently playing at the Apollo Theatre in London after a wide-ranging UK tour. Theatre critics have had their say, but we know the most important opinions for a show such as this are those of the parents, and the kids they take to see it.

Here’s what a selection of popular parent bloggers wrote about their experiences seeing Horrible Histories Barmy Britain, Part Four with their children.

Happy families sitting in a theatre audience
Kids are the only reliable critics for a show like Horrible Histories!

Colette Warbrook, mum of an 8-year-old son and blogger for, reviewed the production at the Stafford Gatehouse, writing:

“The show is a riot from start to finish, incredibly squeezing centuries of history into just 65 minutes. As promised, there are plenty of yucky bits (mostly about bodily functions) and the audience were in stitches throughout.”

Mum and son blogging duo, The B Man and the L Girl, reviewed Barmy Britain Part Four when it was playing at the Apollo in 2018, and wrote:

“The songs are witty and informative and toilet humour abounds which has the audience in hysterics. With political and Brexit jokes popped in for good measure, you’ll leave the theatre feeling enlightened and most probably relieved to see that the British have always been a little bit barmy.”

Kiddo Adventures, a blog to help parents discover fun things to do out of the house with their kids, with a big emphasis on child-friendly theatre, also reviewed the 2018 Apollo Theatre, London production and wrote:

“This show is a great way to get kids interested in history and I can honestly say I learnt a few new things myself. Although we are looking at historical figures, there were many modern twists added which filled the room with laughter.”

Mummy-blogger Gemma Lohan Scott of found that both she and her boys loved the show at the Apollo Theatre in London, writing:

“The two cast members use their giant dressing up box to morph seamlessly from one character to the next, with plenty of songs, disgusting bits, toilet humour – everything you’d expect from Horrible Histories. It’s silly enough to entertain kids of all ages, but there are plenty of grown up jokes that will have the adults chuckling too.”

She also added:

“Needless to say, my boys had a blast and did a rap about poo all the way home. #soproud 😂”

If that isn’t proof of Horrible Histories’ power to entertain kids, what is?!

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain Part Four at the Apollo Theatre, London
The verdicts are in: Kids love Horrible Histories!

Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part Four is playing at the Apollo Theatre in London until 31st August.

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